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Hotel Arosa Kitzbühel Austria Boutique Hotel Review

I stayed at Hotel Arosa Kitzbühel for a Social Media conference so I spent a lot of my time in presentations and seminars. It was a great conference but it was a shame that I didn’t have all the time I would have liked to appreciate this stunning hotel.

Arosa Hotel Kitzbühel has so much on offer. I was almost taunted by seeing the calendar of events – particularly in the spa – that I did not have the time to take part in.

But at least I had breakfast at this Kitzbuhel grand hotel…… more to come on that front. And there is so much to do in lovely Kitzbuhel Austria all year round.

Hotel Arosa Kitzbühel: The Rooms

Wow, my room at the A Rosa Hotel Kitzbuhel was close to my idea of perfection. The room itself was a good size – not too big but spacious.

The bathroom was a great size and had a big shower with a large shower head – and most importantly many thick fluffy towels and a big bathrobe.

bathroom with sink and shower at Arosa Kitzbühel Austria
The bathroom
thalgo toiletries in bathroom at Arosa Kitzbühel
Nice post spa toiletries!

The bed at Arosa Kitzbühel Austria was super comfortable with two nice duvets. The thread count on this bed was at a good level. 

My room then had a small living room area with a couple of comfy chairs done in my favourite L shape with a little table. And the room also had a balcony.

king sized bed in room at arosa kitzbuhel
A fantastic bed

The lighting in my room at Hotel Arosa Kitzbühel Austria was also lovely – I do love a hotel room where I have lovely glowing skin. This also made the room a really cosy oasis – I loved coming back to my lovely comfortable room.

There was a good selection of tv channels – and I was delighted to see that my favourite BBC World was on offer.

living area with couch and desk and table in room at Arosa Kitzbühel
My living area in my room at Arosa Kitzbühel Austria

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rattan chairs with table on terrace at Arosa Kitzbühel
My balcony at Arosa Kitzbuhel

Arosa Kitzbühel: The Food

I liked a lot of things at Arosa Kitzbühel – but if I had to nominate one favourite thing it had to be breakfast. The A Rosa Kitzbühel restaurant held a fabulous buffet selection with everything you could want.

There was that kind of average coffee that they bring to your table but there was also a coffee machine that did a pretty good latte. Several nice juices were also on offer.

2 carafes of juice and pineapple and fruit on breakfast buffet at Arosa Kitzbühel
Great Juices on the buffet

There was so much to choose from on this breakfast buffet! It featured an extensive selection of cheeses as well as meats. And these were proper cheeses – gooey soft white cheeses that were properly ripe – tasty hard cheddars – real cheese.

The smoked salmon on the buffet was also fantastic – so fresh and tasty and so much of it.

assorted cheeses on a buffet at Arosa Kitzbühel
Proper Cheeses

Hotel A Rosa Kitzbuhel virtually had a bakery going on in terms of different types of bread and pastries – such an extensive selection. But the main highlight was the egg station.

This was no ordinary egg station. Not only could you get every type of egg in every type of form – they had a big old oven behind where the frying pan with your omelette went to bake it on top.

I also really liked that you took your own ingredients so you had the right mix for your egg dish of choice.

smoked salmon with berries at Arosa Kitzbühel
Stunning Smoked Salmon

Arosa Kitzbühel has two restaurants. The Streif Restaurant Arosa Kitzbuhel Austria is home to both the breakfast and dinner buffets. The hotel also has the Kaps Steakhouse which is a stroll through the underground car park.

We had a hosted dinner at the Kaps Steakhouse A Rosa Kitzbuhel with a buffet bbq served on the large lovely terrace and it was fantastic.

open oven and fry pans in kitchen at Arosa Kitzbühel
Egg station baking!

My favourite area of this Kizbuhel hotel was the bar. The bar at A Rosa is like a big lovely lounge room with comfy couches, a fire and friendly service always on hand.

I had a late lunch here the day that I arrived – some fantastic goulash soup. This area is lovely for the middle of the afternoon as well as for a later in the evening drink.

goulash soup in a bowl with cream on top Arosa Kitzbühel
Delicious Goulash Soup

Arosa Kitzbühel: The Service

I was extremely impressed with the service level at Arosa Kitzbühel Hotel. Every staff member I encountered at this Kitzbuhel hotel was delightful and so helpful.

On my first day, I told the waiter at lunch that I was having some trouble with the free wifi. He stopped to help me and we couldn’t get on the system. He said he would go and check it out.

He had returned within 5 minutes with a personal wifi code for me to use for the balance of my stay.

large open room with colourful chairs and a staircase at Arosa Kitzbühel
The lovely bar area

A Rosa Kitzbuhel also helped me to organise train tickets to Innsbruck. On departure, the hotel staff double checked everything in terms of where I was going and that things were correct – and even insisted that I take a bottle of water for the journey.

I could not fault the service in any way – the breakfast ladies were lovely, the bar staff – literally everyone.

Arosa Hotel Kitzbuhel: The Facilities

I did not get to explore the facilities at this hotel in Kitzbuhel as I would have liked but gosh they seemed to have quite a few. There was a weekly schedule in my room that offered up yoga, aqua fitness and training classes every day in the Fitness Centre.

The swimming pool looked stunning. The hotel is also incredibly well placed for skiing in the winter and golf in the summer.

major light fitting hanging from high ceiling over open living area Arosa Kitzbühel
Don’t you just want to curl up in here?

We used a couple of the main hall areas of Arosa Kitzbuhel for dinners during the conference and the areas and the service at all were stunning.

Often when you attend a conference and stay at the facility you deal with a harassed and exhausted staff. This was not the case at this conference –  you would not have known a conference was going on.

Arosa Kitzbühel: The Spa Area

Alas, I did not get to try the Spa at Hotel A Rosa Kitzbuhel but it looked absolutely fantastic. There was a fantastic spa menu in the room full of body and face treatments.

The Verdict

Well as you might have guessed from reading this I loved Arosa Kitzbühel and would highly recommend it.

I paid a discounted price for the conference but I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the offering for the price I had paid -it certainly exceeded my expectations.

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How to get to Kitzbuhel Austria:

The best option to get to Kitzbuhel Austria is to fly into Innsbruck. It is a 1-hour 20-minute drive vs Munich which is in 1-hour 50-minute drive. The train connections from Innsbruck are also more direct.

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Who Paid for What With this Post

I covered all the costs of my airfare and transport to Kitzbuhel as well as my stay at Hotel Arosa Kitzbuhel.

If you do click through on the links in this article and make a purchase I will receive a small commission. I just wanted to make sure that you knew.


Arosa Kitzbühel is a brilliant big boutique hotel in Austria. Here is my review covering the rooms, the brilliant food, service and facilities #arosakitzbühel #austriaboutiquehotels #Kitzbühelwheretostay #arosakitzbühelreview

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ASH Green

Saturday 11th of April 2020

Awesome! No words. You always go one step beyond.

There is so much great, useful information here. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Read our guide if you wish. bestofcleaner

Thanks again :)


Saturday 18th of May 2019

That hotel looks absolutely amazing! I really like the bar area with all of the colorful furniture. The food photos looked delicious as well! Just found you on Twitter and look forward to following along with your adventures. Great travel website!


Saturday 24th of November 2018

Been on that hotel last year. Rooms are good and spacious but I didn't like their spa facility. It's not up to the mark. By the way thanks for your honest review.

The Boutique Adventurer

Saturday 24th of November 2018

hi natasha. Thanks for adding that in - I didn't try the spa. It was such a lovely place am surprised it wasn't so good. what didn't you like about it?

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