Everest Base Camp Trek: Days 7 to 10

everest base camp trek travel guide
I made it!!!!!

So this is where the rubber hits the road and you actually get to Everest Base Camp!

Everest Base Camp Trekking Day Seven:

everest base camp trekking
Morning on Day 7

The morning was one of if not the most stunning scenery of the Everest Base Camp Trek. It is hard climbing to start off with out of Dingboche but once you have ascended you are rewarded with absolutely spectacular 360 views. It is jaw droppingly beautiful.

everest base camp trekking
Stunning peaks overlooking Lobuche

It is then some seriously high walking to the first-morning tea stop. I began to feel very weird and unwell at this point. I made it to the rest stop but it wasn’t easy and I was quite disoriented. Anyway, I continued on and we made it to the very basic tea house in Lobuche. This was a difficult night as you are at just over 4900m so sleeping is tough and the need to urinate and the thirst frequent.

everest base camp trekking
Heading towards a much needed late morning stop

Everest Base Camp Trekking Day Eight:

So this is the big day. An early start and some serious walking to get to Gorak Shep for lunchtime. I was feeling very lousy but I won’t bore you with all of those details! It is tough to eat at this point and everyone is feeling the altitude.

It is then a flat walk followed by some tough walking mostly due to the altitude to get to Everest Base camp. Weather at base camp can be very mixed. Visibility was not great when we arrived but we were very lucky and the sun came out after we had been there for about 30 minutes.

everest base camp trekking
I made it!!!!!

We spent one hour at base camp which was sufficient time. You, of course, need to get your photo taken with the rock formations and prayer flags and there is quite a queue! And you need to get a group shot done here.

everest base camp trekking
Poor visibility on everest base camp on arrival

The views of the Khumbu ice fall are fantastic. I had always wanted to see this as I have watched so many Everest movies and read so many Everest books! It appears to be pure ice and I have no idea how anyone climbs it!

No one ventures that far once you get to base camp as everyone is feeling the altitude. I felt dreadful but forced myself to go and take photos etc as heck I had made it now!

everest base camp trekking
Slight improvement in visibility

You don’t see climbers etc as the tents are scattered over quite a large area. It is most powerful to stay near where the rocks and prayer flags are as it allows you to get a good view over base camp. Otherwise to be honest it would be a cold camping ground with some stunning mountains around it!

The trek back was tough – about 2 hours. The last hour is pretty flat thank goodness. I collapsed into bed as soon as we got back at 5 pm. It was another up at 2 am with a vice like headache/loo issue evening as well which was not fun at 5100m. Definitely the worst night of the trip.

everest base camp trekking
Better visibility and the Khumbu ice fall in the middle of the shot

Everest Base Camp Trekking Day Nine:

everest base camp trekking
The first day heading down

Day Nine gives you the option of getting up at 330am and ascending Kala Pattar. Of course, before the trip, I had been confident that I would want to do this. On the trip, I would have rather stuck long hot needles into my eyes than do this! About half of our group went and half didn’t. Their photos were great but all said it was very tough.

everest base camp trekking
The very sad tributes to those who have passed away on the mountain

This was a tough day as the Everest Base Camp Trek is 90% up and down whether you are going up or down so it is hard trekking. We ended the day in Pheriche. This is where I ended up my trek as I felt so absolutely dreadful and was not recovering from altitude sickness as I should have been at that point. There was a doctor in Pheriche who agreed that I needed to head down and I got a helicopter out the next morning.

The rest of the group then had three days of trekking ahead of them and three more nights of tea houses before returning to Kathmandu. I spent those three days in bed sick as a dog so I definitely felt that I had made the right decision to head down sooner rather than later!

everest base camp trekking
Never has a helicopter been so welcome

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