How to make a Dark Rum Mojito and 9 other things I learnt about Rum

dark rum mojito
Time for a Dark Rum Mojito!

Could there be anything better to do on a cold, dark, February night in London than be transported to St Kitts drinking a dark rum mojito? The only improvement to be made is to add more types of tropical rum drinks and more St Kitts Rum to that experience which is what I did!

Thanks to the good people of St Kitts tourism I found myself in east London having all of my perceptions about rum changed. I thought I didn’t like rum. I am Australian and grew up with Bundy and coke being the over 18 equivalent of Vegemite. Alas, it wasn’t for me and I thought rum was a white spirit that was put into cocktails.

I was shocked and delighted to discover that dark rum tastes amazing!!!!! It is amazing in a cocktail – particularly a dark rum mojito – but also excellent neat.

st kitts rum
So much rum!

1. There are several ways to spell Rum

The definition of rum is “an alcoholic liquor or spirit distilled from molasses or some other fermented sugar cane product”. So rum can be made wherever there is sugar cane. Which is every continent apart from Antartica! This has meant that there are now several different ways to spell Rum!

Rum is particularly big in India, Australia, and the Philipines.

The spelling RHUM means you are drinking a French style rum eg what was made in the French colonies. This is a funkier, grassier tasting rum. If you’re in a Spanish speaking country then rum will be spelled Ron.

2. Rum in the Caribbean ages 3 times faster than Whiskey in Scotland

You probably guessed why. It is considerably warmer in the Caribbean than it is in Scotland. The age of the rum is generally the number on the bottle. However, this can be an average age as newer rums are often mixed with old.

dark rum mojito
Cocktail time!

3. Not all aged Rum is Dark

White rum can be aged. However to do so it is filtered with charcoal to take the colour out. Thus creating aged white rum.

4. There are A LOT of Tropical Rum Drinks

The Rum Trinity is rum, lime and sugar – such a good combination! Try a Brimstone Hill which is made with Belmont Gold Rum, Lychee Juice, agave nectar and lime juice. Or go milky with vanilla rum, fresh pineapple juice, milk and coconut puree. If you need a shot of energy with your rum why not try a Kitspresso Martini? Combine some coffee rum with espresso and agave nectar.

tropical rum drinks
Carribean colour

5. Rum cannot be made in Europe

Rum is made from sugar cane, not sugar beats. Sugar cane does not grow in Europe. So when you see Rum that was apparently made in Croatia or Poland alas it is not rum!

6. Rum tastes great with Sweet Things

Tastings are available with rum and chocolate and rum and marshmallows!

7. Rum has an Ambassador

Yes, it appears this is a job and it is currently taken by Ian Burrell. Ian travels the world preaching the word of rum and particularly rum cocktails. Check him out here

st kitts things to do
Happy Rum Ambassador

8. Americans drink the most Rum

Followed by the Dominican Republic, Philipines, Canada and France.

9. Both the Daquiri and the Mojito come from Cuba!

Daquiri is also a small village 14 miles east of Santiago de Cuba. The Daquiri was created at El Floridita in Havana. The exact origin of the Mojito is alas not as clear so you will have to try it in multiple places in Cuba and decide for yourself!

st kitts things to do
So many things to do in St Kitts

10. How to make a Dark Rum Mojito

50ml Brinley Lime Rum

15ml Passion Re’al Puree

10ml Fresh Lime Juice

6 Mint Leaves

Ginger Beer

Lightly mix the ingredients in a highball glass, add ice and top with ginger beer.

Dark Rum Cocktails
Pouring a Kitspresso

Thinking about Drinking a Dark Rum Mojito in St Kitts?

For cheap flights to St Kitts Click Here

St Kitts Things to do

For a complete guide to St Kitts check out the fantastic Official website here – below are some top level highlights:

-Take the Scenic Railway

-Go Horseback riding

-Play golf

-Take a walk – More than a quarter of the land is national park with rainforests getting bigger rather than shrinking

-visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site Brimstone Hill Fortress

-climb up a dormant volcano and once you get to the top go down to the steaming crater floor

-swim/snorkel/dive on the Virgin Reefs

St Kitts Food & Bars

St Kitts is an island where fishing boats go out every day. So there is seafood galore – lobster, tuna, mahi mahi and more. There are also a lot of tropical fruits like mango, papaya, avocado, and guava. Best of all St Kitts has quite a few restaurants with fun names like Boozies on the Beach known for crispy Cajun shrimp pasta, Shiggidy Shack and Shipwreck. El Fredos Restaurant and Bar is run by locals and a great place to try local dish stewed oxtail and saltfish with dumplings.

Enjoy Tropical Rum Drinks the Passion Bar at Spicemill restaurant – it is actually a dugout canoe! Check out the Reggae Beach Bar or as well.

st kitts rum
Cocktail Time!

St Kitts & Nevis Boutique Hotels

Forget the big all-inclusive hotels – there are now quite a few boutique hotel options in St Kitts and Nevis. Belle Mont Farm is literally a farm with gorgeous rooms. For stunningly simple and stylish rooms check out the Montpelier Plantation. Stay in the oldest wooden house on the island (it dates back to 1670) at the Hermitage Plantation.

Click here for the latest prices and availability for Belle Mont Farm.

Click here for availability and deals on Montpelier Plantation.

Hermitage Plantation latest prices and availability. 

Click here for some great options for gorgeous Boutique Villa options

st kitts food
Welcome to St Kitts in London!

Getting to St Kitts & Nevis

If you’re looking for cheap flights to St Kitts check out my favorite online tool Skyscanner:

British Airways flies direct from London to St Kitts – for British Airways prices and availability click here.

And read my review of British Airways Premium Economy.

American Airlines and Delta also fly directly to St Kitts.

rum ambassador
Smile with the Rum Ambassador!

Tours around St Kitts & Nevis

Can’t get to St Kitts to drink a Dark Rum Mojito? The next best thing is London Rum week October 15. Or check out the Global Rum Ambassador

If this post has made you thirsty and you live in London check out my posts on The WW2 themed Bletchley Bar, re-live Breaking Bad at ABQ Cocktail Bar or have an amazing gin and tonic at The Distillery.

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