Everest Base Camp Trek: Days 4 to 6

everest base camp trek
Everest base camp trek day 6
everest base camp trek day 4
View on the road

Day 4:   Kyanjuma to Tengboche 3867m

everest base camp trek day 4
Yaks and prayers

Day 4 is blessedly more of a half day as the altitude kicks up. It begins with a descending walk and then moves into a climb through the forest. We arrived in Tengboche around lunchtime. This was one of my favourite places we visited on the trek. The town has a lovely feel to it and it was one of the best tea houses in terms of food and it definitely won for the best coffee on the trek!

Everest base camp trek tengboche
Arriving in Tengboche

In the afternoon we visited Tengboche Monastery, again a higlight of the trip. Every person who has climbed everest has visited this monastery to be blessed from Sir Edmund Hilary onwards. We went to the afternoon prayer ceremony and it was packed! It was humbling and a bit awesome to be sitting where every everest climber has sat.

everest base camp trek tengboche
Tengboche monks making the call to prayer

The monks wander in and out of the ceremony, bringing some food, having a laugh and a chat and then picking up on the chanting. It is a very enjoyable hour and I highly recommend going!

everest base camp trek tengboche
Tengboche monastery

Day 5: Tengboche to Dingboche 4350m

Day 5 has some spectacular walking and alot of up and down! Well every day on the trek has alot of up and down but I did seem to feel it more on Day 5 – and it added to getting some great views!

everest base camp trek day 5
The home for old nuns!
everest base camp trek yaks
Hard working Yaks
everest base camp trek day 5
Stupa with a view
everest base camp trek day 5
Stunning views on Day 5

Day 6: Acclimatisation Day Dingboche 4350m

View from the tea house in the morning
everest base camp trek day 6
Always prayer flags and scenic rocks

This is where I really started to feel the altitude. We did a decent sized acclimatisation climb to the Nangkartshang Peak which is 5100m. It was tough work! The physical strain became very clear and the headaches were starting to get stronger. I also noticed at this point my appetite was quite shot and I was getting dependent on chocolate – and even that was an effort!

However we were rewarded with some spectacular view which always helps.

everest base camp trek
Everest base camp trek day 6

Getting down was almost more of a challenge than getting up! This was one of our first descents. I do prefer an ascent to a descent in general. I always think I must have gone toppling down a mountain in a previous life!everest base camp trek day 6

everest base camp trek day 6
More wow views

Night 2 at the Dingboche tea house started to wear a bit thin – especially as it became very cold in late afternoon with snow! They did offer clothes washing at this tea house but it was too cold to do so as they need to be able to hang the clothes outside to dry.

everest base camp trek day 6
Heading back down to Dingboche

This was quite a big tea house though so there were a couple of communal warm areas. They also still had a good range of snacks and of course ginger, honey and lemon tea to help make the afternoon and evening go faster.

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