Sydney: Watsons Bay 6 best things to do

The Gap Watsons Bay Sydney
The Gap

Watsons Bay is ridiculously beautiful. It is like being in a beautiful beach resort but with views of the Sydney Central Business District. The view are amazing! And all in Sydney’s eastern suburbs

Watsons Bay Sydney Sign
Lots of tasty things to eat at Watsons Bay


  1. Take the ferry to get there

As if Watsons Bay wasn’t beautiful enough it is also only a scenic ferry ride from circular quay! Use your opal card and it is a bargain trip with a view. The ferry stop is right outside the Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel and Doyles so it could not be better located. And this is where you can pick it up to head back to Circular Quay.

2. Take a photo of The Gap

The Gap Watsons Bay Sydney
The Gap

Once you get off the ferry walk through Robertson Park away from the Watsons Bay Hotel and you’ll get to where the buses stop. Cross the road and you’re at the Gap which is ahem quite literally drop dead stunning. This is sadly the most popular spot in Sydney for suicides. It is so stunning you can kind of see why but of course very sad. This probably wins as the most photogenic part of Watsons Bay – although the competition is stiff.

3. Take the Coastal Cliff Top Walkway

Watsons Bay Lighthouse
The Lighthouse Watsons Bay

From the Gap you can join the Coastal Cliff Top Walkway and do the stunning walk around the heads. It is not a particularly long walk but it is very photogenic. There is a lovely old lighthouse on the way and as you head back to the ferry station the views of Sydney with the CBD as a backdrop are stunning. On certain days you will also get a lot of boat traffic along here which can also make from some great shots.

4. Grab Fish and Chips at Doyles

Barramundi and Chips at Doyles
Barramundi and Chips at Doyles

There are two Doyles restaurants at Watsons Bay – the proper sit down more upmarket restaurant and then the very popular take away with a seating area restaurant that is at the ferry station. I am assuming you are heading to Watsons Bay during the day so I say go and order some delicious fresh seafood at the  ferry station one and then head to the general seating area on the other side close to the water. I highly recommend the grilled barramundi (to me Australia’s best white fish) with chips and salad! It is very reasonably priced.

5. Have a swim!

Watsons Bay Sydney
The view looking at the Sydney sky line

Yes you can swim almost anywhere in Sydney! Bring your bathers (or togs if you want to be more Australian) and a towel and literally hop in. Then have a nice rest on the sand before you

6.  Have a glass of Australian chardonnay at the Watsons Bay Hotel

Watsons Bay Sydney
Boats against the city skyline

Go for the quintessential super oaky ice cold Australian chardonnay at the Watsons Bay Hotel. You can sit outside with your towel wrapped around you and enjoy the buzzy atmosphere and if you stay long enough and are lucky enough an amazing sunset!

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