Sossusvlei Namibia Photo Essay – Part One

Sossusvlei is one of the most extraordinary places I have every been. It is like being on another planet. Sand dunes for as far as the eye can see. The colours are extraordinary at any time of the day and out of control amazing at sunrise and sunset.

Exploring the dunes is a key activity when staying in Sossusvlei – as is doing some safari drives as there is a lot of wildlife. It is a slightly odd remote location. There isn’t really a town – there are just various hotels dotted around. Expect to eat in your hotel each evening. I stayed at the lovely Little Kulala. I would highly recommend this hotel. It is in an amazing remote location and is beautifully done – very much a boutique experience.

The food at Little Kulala is fantastic. It does feature the opportunity to try many of the animals you will have seen whilst driving around – which isn’t to everyone’s taste. It was to mine and I really enjoyed having such a unique eating experience. Also you really don’t want to have to drive around these areas at night due to the quality of the roads and the high chance of literally running into game so it is best to eat where you sleep!

The hotel runs a mix of activities – from dune buggies to sunrise and sunset game drives. The sunset game drives of course include a wonderful sun downer drink – always a highlight! And they don’t involve getting up early! There are some quite unique animals in Namibia like the Oryx and they are very photogenic so it is well worth while going on at least one game drive. Personally I go on as many game drives as possible as every drive is different but it depends what you like.

Perhaps the highlight of the trip to Sossusvlei for me was climbing up the Big Daddy Dune. It was hard going – and I don’t recommend wearing light sneakers as mine kept filling with sand and I had to stop and empty them! However getting to the top was fantastic! And the view! wow wow wow!

The best part is getting down! After the difficult rise to the top you literally slide down the dune to Dead Vlei! It is so much fun! Well I did end up with sand in interesting places for several days but it was still loads of fun!

The top of the dune looks over the amazing Dead Vlei. Dead Vlei is like nature’s art gallery. It is dead trees in the middle of the dunes but they are stunning. It is quite a large area to wander around but there is so much to see. Each tree feels like a unique piece of art and the colours of course change depending on the direction you are facing. This is photography heaven! And so instagrammable!

The most famous Dune in Sossusvlei is Dune 45. It’s name comes from the fact that it is at the 45km mark on the road that connects one of the gates and Sosssusvlei. Apparently it contains 5 million year old sand blown in from the Kalahari! It is probably the most photographed of all the dunes as its star shape has one half disappearing at both sunrise and sun. This is also the most popular Dune to climb. Try to get there early in the morning to take it on and avoid the crowds.

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Sossusvlei is one of the most extraordinary places I have every been. It is like being on another planet. Sand dunes for as far...
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