Fish River Canyon Namibia: A Photo Essay

Namibia is one of the best countries I have ever visited. Best is a funny word – I feel like I am 7 years old using it! However  Namibia is just  amazing  – an extraordinary landscape of stunning natural beauty and it is so empty! Just miles and miles and miles of land as far as the eye can see. Empty land. And once you have travelled a long way on the long straight roads south you will get to Fish River Canyon.

Amazingly Fish River Canyon is the second biggest canyon in the world – second to the Grand Canyon of course. But I believe it’s visitor numbers are a lot lower as it takes some effort to get there. But once you do it is amazing!

I would highly recommend you stay at the Canon Lodge. This place is fantastic. Many of the rooms are built into the rocks around the canyons. And importantly the food is fantastic! Also you have very little choice as there are not many hotels in the area!

The hotel will also help guide you as to where to go to watch the sunset. The sunsets over Fish River Canyon are amazing so I highly recommend getting yourself in place with a gin and tonic to enjoy one each night!

Another activity you can do is to visit the Ai Ais Hot Springs. It’s a decent drive but a scenic one and you can enjoy the springs.

There is one activity which to my mind is a must do – take a plane trip over Fish River Canyon. It is the only way to experience how vast and beautiful it is. This plane trip was a huge highlight. We didn’t hike the canyon so there is only so much you can see by driving to look out points. The plane is definitely the way to go.

And here are a few more shots to hopefully inspire you to visit Fish River Canyon!

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