Tunisia: A road trip Photo Diary

For many Tunisia is about beach resorts. It is actually a stunning country with so much to see – and to photograph! I travelled there several years ago and had a fantastic time. We kicked off our Tunisia road trip from Tunis airport and headed south to Star Wars territory – Matmata – where we were able to see stunning desert landscapes and visit their amazing underground homes or Troglodyte homes.

Visit Musee Berber or take up the local kids on an offer to visit their homes for a fee and experience a different way of life!

Next up on the Tunisia Road Trip we headed west to Doug and heading into the ┬ádunes of Grand Erg Oriental – on a camel and then on a micro light which is an experience that I highly recommend! While there we stayed in Kebili.

From there it was even further west to Tozeur. Whilst in the area don’t miss the amazing Chott El-Jerid – Tunisia’s stunning salt lakes. Click here to see my dedicated photo essay on this stunning area.

We stayed the night in Tozeur – make sure you go and visit the Dar Charait Museum. In addition to being an interesting museum the building itself is stunning. We also visited their Palmeraie – a palm tree oasis with at least 200,000 palm trees.

We splurged on the accommodation front on our Tunisia Road Trip here and stayed at Hotel Sofitel Palm Beach.

Around Tozeur are some gorgeous mountain oases towns. Tamerza is one of the most photogenic villages in Tunisia and has a lovely little waterfall. Mides is only 6km north of Tamerza and has a stunning setting above a dramatic gorge. The gorge has been used in several movies including The English Patient.

I hope that one day tourism in Tunisia picks up again and that some of these images will act as an inspiration for tourists to return to this beautiful country and have their own Tunisia Road Trip.

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